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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows leaked.

TorrentFreak has reported that The last book of Harry Potter Seres has been leaked on internet and is available for download on torrent sites. Since last few months there have been several ‘so called’ versions of book seven has been out on internet, but all of them are fake. But this time, someone uploaded the scanned version of book.

bookpage1The two version of Book seven appeared on Both the torrents were soon available for download on various other sites. One of them had first 495 pages of book while other was the complete book. The They were downloaded thousands of time before moderators removed them.
In the right side, you can see the first page of pirated version of the book. (source)
There are also several images floating online which shows that this time the real story is out. Like this one.

Also when the hidden truths are out, spoilers are ready to hit you and kill the fun. I just got one spoiler list over here. Think twice before you open the link. If you are die-hard Potter fan like me, I advice you to wait for the original edition. It would be fun.

[via TorrentFreak]

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Blogger introduces robots.txt file

Google Blogger has introduce the robots.txt file in each blogger blog. The structure of the robots.txt file is

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search

Some times back when upgaraded to new Google blogger, new lable feature was added in blogger blogs. Each lable has its own page. This robot file make sure that lable pages are not crawled and indexed by any search engine bot. This will certainly help search engines to avoid crawling millions of duplicate lable pages.

To check the robots.txt file of your blogger blog, just type the following URL in the adress bar of your browser.

(replace yourblogname with your blog name).

Technical Bliss is now

I have decided to move my blog Technica Bliss to a new domain
You have loved Technical Bliss and provided a lot of support to it. I hope this blog will live upto the expectations of my readers.

I have decided not to import any of the old post from Technical Bliss to I will write fresh content for this blog.

Meanwhile, you can subscribe to my RSS feed.

Stay Tuned.. There is hell lot fun out here.