What is EPP code?
Extensible Provisioning Protocol known as EPP in short is a robust protocol designed to communicate between different domain registrars and domain registries.

What is the use of EPP?

As a end user we need EPP only when we want to transfer our domain name(s) from one registrar to another. Its a sort of authorization code to prevent fraudulent domain transfers and domain hijacking.

Basically I never found a need to learn anything about EPP until last month. Actually what happened is I sold one of my domain ( offcourse at good price) and the buyer asked me to push the domain in his Namecheap account. I have all my domain with Godaddy. So what I did is I transferred my domain to Namecheap account first and then pushed it to buyer’s Namecheap account.

In the whole process of transferring the domain from Godaddy to Namecheap, I got struck at this EPP thing. I initiated the transfer and added the domain in my Namecheap account. Then I saw the message at Namecheap asking for EPP. And trust me, it was so confusing to get that EPP from Godaddy. But finally I managed to get it.
So here is Step by Step guide to get EPP code from Godaddy.

Step 1: Login to your Godaddy account. They have recently changed the looks of their account main page and now it looks like this. (click to enlarge the image)

Step 2: Now look for domains drop down menu in upper left corder and select the option of  ‘My Domains’ from it. (click to enlarge the image)

Step 3: This will take you to the page where all your registered domains are listed. Click on the domain name (click to enlarge the image)

Step 4:  Now search for the option ‘Authorization Code’., and click ‘Send by Email’. (click to enlarge the image)

Step 5: You will get a confirmation screen message. Click ok and you are done. Make sure the administrative email id on Godaddy account is correct and accessible.

You will get the requested EPP code in your mail box ( email id listed as administrative email in Godaddy account) with in few minutes. (click to enlarge the image)

Godaddy is one of the best domain registrars in industry. But no one likes it when a client take their business away from them. Same is the case here. Godaddy (and other domain registrars) will try their best to stop you from transferring the domain(s) to other domain registrar. So make sure you don’t give them any reason to cancel your transfer. Any mistake from your part will lead to cancellation of domain transfer.

Here are some more tips for a smooth domain transfer from Godaddy to other registrar.
1) Make sure your domain is unlocked before before starting the process of transfer.
2) If you have opted for the option of domains by proxy, cancel it before initiating the process.
3) Godday knowledgebase clearly states that
ICANN regulations prohibit transferring a domain name that has been registered or previously transferred within the last 60 days.
So dont try to transfer the domain if it do not qualify the above criteria. The transfer will be denied for sure.

There is a good read about this on ICANN.org.

Hope this post help you. I will keep this updated.
If you have any question, drop me a comment and I will try my best to help you.

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