eSnips, a popular upload site has disabled the default download option from music files last year. Now you can only download those music files which are allowed to be downloaded by original uploaders. When this changes were enforced on esnips, all the previously uploaded music files were set to ‘no download’ option by default, and all users (uploaders) were given a choice to change this option by changing their account settings. However most of the uploaders never bothered to change the settings. Hence most of the music files are now in listen only mode at esnipes.
Here is a small tutorial which allows you to download any music file from esnips.

How to download music from esnips
Step 1) You need Firefox browser. If don’t have it yet download it from here. Firefox is free and is far better than Internet Explorer. Now when you have Firefox installed, you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2) Download and install a popular firefox addon Greasemonkey. You can get it from here
After installing the Greasemonkey addon, you will see a small icon (a monkey) in the bottom right of your browser.

Step 3) Download this Greasemonkey user script is a community of developers which have thousands of free scripts.
I recommend to restart the Firefox once both Greasemonkey and script are installed

Step 4) Once this script is installed, you will see a download option below each music file. Click that link to download the music file.
Here are the screenshots of a same music file page before and after the installation of this script.

Before installig the Greasemonkey script

After installing Greasemonkey script.

You can disable the script when you dont want it.

How to disable Greasemonkey or any Greasemonkey script?
Just click the Greasemoney icon once to disable it. When clicked once the icon will become grey which denotes that Greasemonkey is disabled.

You can enable it again by clicking the icon once.

To disable a particular Greasemonkey script follow these steps.
1) Right click on Greasemonkey icon and cmose the option ‘Manage User Scripts’

This will pop up a script manager window.

2) From left column of the window choose the scrpt you want to disable. There is a check box ‘Enable’. Uncheck this box to disable the script. (See screenshot below).

Close this window and you are done.

While downloading music files, make sure you do not violate Copyright Laws.
Hope this tutorial helps you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask in comment space.

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