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Entries for the ‘News and Announcements’ Category takes plagiarism issue very seriously. [Thanks WordPress]

Last year, I wrote a tutorial about using ‘Proxy in Firefox‘ on my old blog. Today I was doing a bit research on same topic (Yes I am planning to write another informative tutorial on the same topic). While googling the things out, I found an excat copy of my old post on a blog […]

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1

I have finally decided to upgrade ‘’ to Wordpress 2.5.1. Although Wordpress 2.6 series is out,

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Get Free advertising from Google Adwords. Without Credit Card

Here is one amazing video which tells a small yet effective trick to get Free Google Adwords advertisement without using your credit card. By applying this trick, you can get unlimited free adwords credit and advertising. Some of the adword  publishers have commnted on this video.Techitup says:i made $1000 this week!Banim says:Awesome, thank you very […]

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You might be wondering why I have stop to update my blog. Here is answers to few of your questions. Ques: Is dead? Ans: No. Its alive and is ready to grow. Ques: Why no new post since long? Ans: I was just taking a (not so small) break from blogging. During this break, […]

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