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Google deletes Election 2008 page after criticism from publishers.

Election 2008 page is certainly not non commercial. Still Google displayed the ad as PSA and publishers were not paid for it. And now guess what. After all this questions raised, the election 2008 page on google server is deleted.

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Last year, I wrote a tutorial about using ‘Proxy in Firefox‘ on my old blog. Today I was doing a bit research on same topic (Yes I am planning to write another informative tutorial on the same topic). While googling the things out, I found an excat copy of my old post on a blog […]

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Understanding Copyright on Flickr.

This is a quick guide which explains the copyrights and Creative Commons attributes of images on flickr and how to search for an appropriate image under proper CC license. Understanding these restrictions will help you in finding right (and trouble free) images for your site or blog.

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Technorati ranking system is down

Technorati is facing some bug in its ranking system. As for now almost every blog claimed on technorat is ranked number 1. I think they are making some changes in their rank system. In the screenshot below you can see that this blog is ranked 1.

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End of Is it a linkbait? has come to end. The post on their blog says that they have to close the blog because of legal threats. is parody of a popular blog and was rocking the blogsphere since last one month. I personally think thats its a proper case on linkbaiting (see I have given them a […]

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Digg Algorithm is getting complex.

Now this is something which I never know about digg. As per my knowledge a story on digg can be made popular (in other words getting to front page of digg) only with in 24 hours of its submission to digg. If a submitted story fails to reach front page with in 24 hrs of […]

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Blogger introduces robots.txt file

Google Blogger has introduce the robots.txt file in each blogger blog. The structure of the robots.txt file is User-agent: * Disallow: /search Some times back when upgaraded to new Google blogger, new lable feature was added in blogger blogs. Each lable has its own page. This robot file make sure that lable pages are […]

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