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Entries for September, 2008

How to download music from esnips. [After download button removal]

A tutorial which helps to download music from enips after the download button is removed from esnips.

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Google turns 10. Birthday Surprises from Google

Google is celebrating its 10th Birth Day. The domain was registered on Sept 15, 1997. Here are some surprises from Google on its 10th Birth Day 1) A cheesy Google Logo on homepage of Google 2) A special 10th Bithday page hosted on It also have an interactive sliding timeline. (click to enlarge […]

Comments (12) takes plagiarism issue very seriously. [Thanks WordPress]

Last year, I wrote a tutorial about using ‘Proxy in Firefox‘ on my old blog. Today I was doing a bit research on same topic (Yes I am planning to write another informative tutorial on the same topic). While googling the things out, I found an excat copy of my old post on a blog […]

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Understanding Copyright on Flickr.

This is a quick guide which explains the copyrights and Creative Commons attributes of images on flickr and how to search for an appropriate image under proper CC license. Understanding these restrictions will help you in finding right (and trouble free) images for your site or blog.

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1

I have finally decided to upgrade ‘’ to Wordpress 2.5.1. Although Wordpress 2.6 series is out,

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